Pradeep S Shilige

Pradeep, with over 30 years of experience working in leadership positions in global tech companies, is a passionate technologist and a “health tech” enthusiast. Having grown up in a small town as Sagar, Pradeep was inspired to provide quality healthcare for people residing in small towns and villages. Pradeep founded Care NG Health to fill the void that exists in the healthcare ecosystem.

Vani Arun

Vani, a native resident of Sagar town, is an Entrepreneur who has run a small scale business for the 12 years and she has excellent skills and experience in handling Business matters, customers and staff and thorough knowledge of Business administration. Vani is a Director and COO of Care NG Health.

Care NG Health Team

Care coordinator

Every member is assigned a care coordinator who will talk to you to plan your trips and organise other services as needed. Communicate between staff, patients & family to creat schedules, develop patient goals & monitor progress. Maintain patient confidentiality & quality care.

Care nurse

Our care nurses provide the necessary tests, monitoring vital signs, caring for wounds & carrying out prescribed treatments at your residence.


Taking Blood & Urine samples from patients at their residence & prepare specimens to laboratory testing of your choice.


Assits the patient/elderly person with daily living tasks such as Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, Toileting, Walking & feeding etc. in accordence with the specific service plan.


For Members

Here are answers to some common questions
We will charge a nominal, refundable, one-time membership fee of Rs 100 to be a part of the Care NG Health program and an additional service fee every time the member requires healthcare services. This service fee is purely the fee for coordination and planning that is required for the member’s health needs.. The actual expenses in the hospital/lab/pharmacy will be borne by the members directly.
Yes. We charge a nominal fee (deposit) of Rs. 100 (subject to financial model). This deposit will be returned if the member chooses to give up their membership.
Yes. Absolutely. We have taken utmost precautions in safeguarding your data. Please refer to our privacy policy for data safety measures.
We will treat each family member as a distinct member as our healthcare services are customise to the maximum benefit of every individual.
We have designed a flexible set of plans to suit your needs. Please refer to the Plans & Packages section for more details.
Right now, we are focused on Sagar town and neighbouring villages. We will be happy to let you know once we have plans to cover districts and other bigger cities.
Yes. We have an MoU with the government hospitals as well.
We are very aware of the support you need during off-hours - nights, Sundays and Holidays. Currently, the hospital coverage does not allow us to provide support during night hours. We are working with various hospitals to set up night support and duty doctors. We will be happy to be intimate to you once this is done.

For Healthcare Providers

We have answers to common questions people ask
No. We will stay away from any sort of recommendations or rankings. We will simply honor the wishes of the patients and provide the logistics services to make this easier.
No, there is no fee to be paid by the healthcare provider to Care NG Health at this point. We will use the network to provide streamlined services to patient-members. Furthermore, we intend to bring technology solutions to hospitals that will enable better accuracy of diagnosis and automation of routine tasks
We intend to bring a technology revolution to benefit our members. We would invite hospitals and doctors to promote wellness and other health benefits through our platform. We will continue to work with you to enhance care through technology such as Home care, remote monitoring, AI based diagnosis etc. There is tremendous potential technology has in the field of healthcare.


Snr. Manager