Our Services

Visit planning and Coordination

Planning doctor visits can be very cumbersome. Knowing the schedules of healthcare specialists, fixing appointments, arranging transport, organising post-consult activities such as procuring medicines, doing additional tests can be quite arduous for individuals to arrange. This is exacerbated when the person in need of assistance is living alone. Care NG Health offers end to end hospital visit coordination services; once you inform us about your visit needs, using our knowledge of various care situations, doctors’ schedules, prerequisites, pre-arrangements, we will endeavour to make your visits as seamless as possible.

Visit Planning and Arrangements

We will prepare and make arrangements to ensure your hospital visits go seamlessly and avoid any additional stress.
  • Pre-arrangement of transport (taxis, autos, or ambulances) for hospital visits. 
  • Making appointments with hospitals, specialist doctors/clinics and other healthcare facilities.
  • Organize assisted hospital visits – our trained nurses will accompany you through the hospital visit.
  • Assist with post-consult activities such as procuring medicines, additional tests and scans etc.
  • Provide clarity and keep you well-informed of the process.

Scheduling appointments

We can assist you in any part of the healthcare visit. Even if you have your own transport or are able to manage visits to the hospital on your own, we can still assist you with scheduling of appointments.

  • Make a suitable appointment with the specialist or diagnostic centre of your choice
  • Keep you informed of the prerequisites and the process
  • Send reminders

Diagnostics & Lab Assistance

Different diagnostics procedures and tests have different prerequisites such as dietary and other dependencies. Often, this lack of clear information and guidance make lab visits very challenging. We strive to make it easy for our members:

  • Arrange visits to diagnostics centers
  • Make sure all test prerequisites are met
  • Get tests done with minimum wait time
  • Collect and share reports with doctors
  • Procure medicine and deliver to your home
  • Get prescriptions changed if needed

For Members

Here are answers to some common questions

We will charge a nominal, refundable, one-time membership fee of Rs 500 to be a part of the Care NG Health program and an additional service fee every time the member requires healthcare services. This service fee is purely the fee for coordination and planning that is required for the member’s health needs.. The actual expenses in the hospital/lab/pharmacy will be borne by the members directly.

Yes. We charge a nominal fee (deposit) of Rs. 500 (subject to financial model). This deposit will be returned if the member chooses to give up their membership.

Yes. Absolutely. We have taken utmost precautions in safeguarding your data. Please refer to our privacy policy for data safety measures.
We will treat each family member as a distinct member as our healthcare services are customise to the maximum benefit of every individual.
We have designed a flexible set of plans to suit your needs. Please refer to the Plans & Packages section for more details.
Right now, we are focused on Sagar town and neighbouring villages. We will be happy to let you know once we have plans to cover districts and other bigger cities.
Yes. We have an MoU with the government hospitals as well.
We are very aware of the support you need during off-hours - nights, Sundays and Holidays. Currently, the hospital coverage does not allow us to provide support during night hours. We are working with various hospitals to set up night support and duty doctors. We will be happy to be intimate to you once this is done.