Care Programs

Critical care services for convenience and care.

People living with chronic conditions or critical illness often require complex care from a number of different healthcare providers. Medical processes are long, confusing and fragmented, making it difficult to understand and and be on top of it. Our critical care services will address the needs of
Why choose us

We endeavor to provide you with seamless service to receive quality care.

Your focus should be to take care of your illness and get well; leave the rest to us.

Simple, Fast and Efficient

We have tie ups with clinics, diagnostics centers, pharmacies and insurance companies. Our knowledge and understanding of how the healthcare system works will help us navigate you through the healthcare ecosystem in a seamless manner.

Customised Services

Services will be provided based on your requirements to make sure you receive maximum support and benefit.

Trained Care coordinators & Care Nurses

You will be assigned a personal care coordinator who understands your healthcare needs well enough and plans the entire process of logistics in a timely & effective manner. And a care nurse to accompany you to hospitals and labs if needed.

Regular reminders

for upcoming visits, medicines, dietary requirements will be provided. The magical ease of technology will be available to you.

Visit Planning and Coordination

Visit Planning and Coordination

End-to-end logistics planning for hospital visits, appointment booking, ambulance services, medical care support for stress-free hospital and lab visits.
Home Care Services

Home Care Services

Physiotherapy, bloodwork, vital signs monitoring, and other medical services from the comfort of your home while saving time and the effort of visiting hospitals.
Digital Health

Digital Health

A holistic platform that promotes well being, increases diagnostic accuracy, streamlines care needs and provides high touch care for the members.
Wellness Program

Wellness Program

Promoting wellness through a knowledge base of articles and blogs, tracking dietary and exercise routines, insurance advisory, reminders, community access and more.

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