Become a Care NG Healthcare provider

We will work with you to make the experience better for your patients


Make an impact through technology in our towns and villages

By being a part of the Care NG Health network, you will have the opportunity to provide better support and satisfaction to your patients.

By use of trained staff and technology, we aim to simplify and streamline the care provisioning.

Benefits of becoming part of our network of healthcare providers,

Reliable Ally

We will provide quality care to your patients by offering appointment bookings, logistics, and other support they may need.

Increase Productivity

We will take care of patient interaction for making appointments, reminders, pre-requisites and such. We will streamline access to your hospitals. That way, we will not only make your patients happy but also increase your productivity, reduce redundant visits and keep the patients informed of the process.

Latest Technology

Our platform will enable secure messaging, electronic patient records and exchanging image records with patients for better diagnosis.


Our integrated platform will manage virtual consultations with your patients thereby allowing you to reach more patients in remote locations and provide timely services.

We will neither rank nor rate hospitals or doctors.

We are not in the business of making healthcare recommendations. We exist to improve the patient engagement and experience with the healthcare ecosystem by providing the required support services.

It is FREE to become a part of our network!

Once we receive your form, our representative will set up a time to meet you and collect information about the health services you offer, operation hours, schedules, appointment process etc. And onboard you to the Care NG Health network!


    For Healthcare Providers

    Here are answers to some common questions
    No. We will stay away from any sort of recommendations or rankings. We will simply honor the wishes of the patients and provide the logistics services to make this easier.
    No, there is no fee to be paid by the healthcare provider to Care NG Health at this point. We will use the network to provide streamlined services to patient-members. Furthermore, we intend to bring technology solutions to hospitals that will enable better accuracy of diagnosis and automation of routine tasks
    We intend to bring a technology revolution to benefit our members. We would invite hospitals and doctors to promote wellness and other health benefits through our platform. We will continue to work with you to enhance care through technology such as Home care, remote monitoring, AI based diagnosis etc. There is tremendous potential technology has in the field of healthcare.