Wellness Program

As the old adage goes, prevention is certainly better than cure. When it comes to health, prevention starts with awareness and knowledge. Care NG Health’s mobile application will be a portal that will bridge the knowledge gap on lifestyle and wellness related topics, and thus help increase awareness among its members to adopt access to leading articles and blogs pertaining to diseases and treatments afflicting you. Our communities with common ailments can benefit from sharing knowledge and practices that work. Our platform will enable promotion of wellness equipped with knowledge and reminders, tracking dietary and exercise routines.

Knowledge Assets

Get stronger with knowledge! The Internet and smartphones have created a deluge of knowledge but people still struggle to find that right information and the right time to help in awareness, healthcare treatment and better health. We will curate the required health information and provide nuggets of useful knowledge on your mobile application. We offer:

  • A curated knowledge base of expert blogs, articles on different illnesses and treatment plans
  • Access to a community forum to share and learn from individual experiences
  • Provide you information about relevant insurance policies to financially protect you against medical expenses

Daily Nudges / Reminders

Keeping track of medicine intake, dietary restrictions, exercise schedule and other health practices can be difficult. We help you with:

  • Regular reminders to keep track of wellness and health activities
  • Recording daily data, compare it with previous data to monitor changes

Lifestyle & Nutrition Guidance

A one-stop place for monitoring all your wellness requirements such as physical activity, dietary intake, water consumption, lifestyle habits and so much more

  • Plan everyday physical activities & keep track of your diet
  • Record your progress, compare it with previous data to monitor changes
  • Receive tips and guidelines that will help you meet your wellness goals
  • Monitoring of vital signs, fall detection etc

For Members

Here are answers to some common questions

We will charge a nominal, refundable, one-time membership fee of Rs 500 to be a part of the Care NG Health program and an additional service fee every time the member requires healthcare services. This service fee is purely the fee for coordination and planning that is required for the member’s health needs.. The actual expenses in the hospital/lab/pharmacy will be borne by the members directly.

Yes. We charge a nominal fee (deposit) of Rs. 500 (subject to financial model). This deposit will be returned if the member chooses to give up their membership.

Yes. Absolutely. We have taken utmost precautions in safeguarding your data. Please refer to our privacy policy for data safety measures.
We will treat each family member as a distinct member as our healthcare services are customise to the maximum benefit of every individual.
We have designed a flexible set of plans to suit your needs. Please refer to the Plans & Packages section for more details.
Right now, we are focused on Sagar town and neighbouring villages. We will be happy to let you know once we have plans to cover districts and other bigger cities.
Yes. We have an MoU with the government hospitals as well.
We are very aware of the support you need during off-hours - nights, Sundays and Holidays. Currently, the hospital coverage does not allow us to provide support during night hours. We are working with various hospitals to set up night support and duty doctors. We will be happy to be intimate to you once this is done.