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Vani Arun

Vani, a native resident of Sagar town, has excellent skills and experience in handling Business matters, customers and staff . Vani is a Director and founding member of Care NG Health.

Pradeep S Shilige

Pradeep, with over 30 years of experience working in leadership positions in global tech companies, is a passionate technologist and a “health tech” enthusiast. Having grown up in a small town as Sagar, Pradeep was inspired to provide quality healthcare for people residing in small towns and villages. Pradeep founded…

Aravind A.P.

Aravind is a resident of Sagar town and is known as the “technology problem solver” in the town! Along with Romell, Aravind runs a successful computer training institute in Sagar, educating thousands of students, working professionals, and computer enthusiasts in the essentials of computers, programming, and popular packages. He has…

Terrence Peter

Peter, currently a resident of Sagar, has over 33 years of experience in finance and administration. He has worked with corporate healthcare providers in India and the Gulf. He has a thorough knowledge of hospital administration, finance and procurement processes. Currently, Peter is working as Head of Finance and Administration…